Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi has been endorsed by the greatest political movement in the party known as 'Oga Ndi Oga Movement.' The movement, founded by Chief Chukwueloka Godwin Agbasimelo, which has over 100, 000 members, promised to mobilize Nigerians in order to ensure the victory of Peter Obi in the 2023 Presidential Election.

Mr. Agbasimelo states that he desires a better Nigeria and believes the agenda of Mr. Peter Obi is in line with it, hence his support for the Presidential Project. The Oga Ndi Oga Movement, aimed at philanthropy, has contributed immensely to the growth of the Labour Party in Anambra State and also simplified campaigns for the party in the State, with the massive support of those who have benefited from its philanthropism.

Some of the philanthropic contributions of the Oga Ndi Oga Movement to Anambra State include awarding educational and vocational skill scholarships, entrepreneurial grants with free incentives, building of community roads and solar street lights, payment of medical bills for people with critical health issues, poverty alleviation programmes, etc.

The Movement has made life easier for the people of Anambra State, empowering many youths and women among others.

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